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“My wife and I wanted to fulfill a dream.”

My wife and I wanted to fulfill a dream. It was to buy a home on the coast of Maine, up in Boothbay—a place where we got married and where we visited when we were kids. It wasn’t a short process, and the patience that Scott showed speaks volumes and his willingness to help in any way that he could. He helped us understand what we could afford and understand what was happening in the market and in banking.

I can tell you this about Scott Sarapas – if you’ve got a challenge, and you want help with that challenge – and it involves anything to do with banking or any kind of financial needs, you would be well served to have him in your corner.

I’m very busy in my life – in my work life and personal life – and to have someone take as much interest as Scott did in helping us was critical. The confidence he gave both my wife and I, that we were making the right decision at the right time, is pretty hard to substitute.”

Keith Canning, Division President, Core-Mark New England and recent mortgage client